Monday, 14 September 2009

ArtsFest 2009 - VIVID Part One

Firstly I have to admit that I did not see a lot at ArtsFest this year due to several factors, the largest being Family Fun Day on the Sunday, more information on that coming soon.

However, on Saturday I did get a chance to see a few things. Firstly I had a wonder to VIVID to see Jenine's YouTube playlists in collaboration with Supercream. One word for the latest VIVID offering from their three residents, Jenine, Trevor Pitt and John Hammersley - brilliant! The moody filmic spot light upon John's wall work,the dark cavern of Trevor's work within the Pod, a desk lamp illuminating a box upon a table and a projector casting light onto the oppsoite wall meant it was a dark calm from the lovely September heat and bright light from the ArtsFest weekend. The work too was spot on. However this was my first of two visits to VIVID that day, the first primarily to see Jenine and the outcomes of her time there, whilst there Naomi Gall and I also took part in John's work...that story is part two.

However, part one with Jenine was lovely, as ever she was the perfect host and showed us around the work and explained what she had done whilst at VIVID. The YouTube playlist consisted of


Andrea Anghileri

Andeena Mey

Sandro Pizzichelli

Jenine McGaughran

Charlie Levine

Jason Underhill

Oscar Murillo

Rikki Turner

Marcus McDonald

Renata Bandiera
and it was being projected laregly upon the wall. It made the YouTube videos appear filmic and poinient, the only way a projector knows how to in a white walled space - a clever use of the modern media and a way to narrate a persons practice, an online sketch book if you will.

Then the work by Karien Van Assendelft upon the desk was beautiful and something that I was jealous I hadn't curated myself. The moody 1920s private eye desk lamp shining brightly upon a desk card holder, which inside had lost parts of conversations type writered upon them like: 'I'm just gonna go there and do my thing' and '*GOD'. Whilst flicking through these, my fingers enjoying the sensation and my eyes the light and font, I realised how much I relished this time with the work in the quiet of the gallery space. I was transformed from VIVID and felt like I was elsewhere. I also noted to myself how important I find the participatorary aspect of the project, how enticing that is for me and how I too try to address that within my curtaed shows, usually in the form of a multiple/take away object.

Overall Jenine's contribution to this show was lovely. She is a local born talent that has moved away to London to study, hopefully her time back in the second city can persuade her back, we need more pro-active, critically engaged people like her in the West Midlands!

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