Friday, 4 September 2009


TROVE (known only as Conveyor for one exhibition) worked with London based artist Will Clifford on an exhibition entitled HANDLE WITH CARE. It took place in the back of a lorry outside Smart & Co, an old furniture factory in Moseley, Birmingham. Will presented the audience with piles of wooden shelves that were taken from Smart & Co, each with 8 cut outs which meant that they could be slotted in to one another in a flat pack furniture/house of cards style. As the four hour exhibition went on the piece of work was built, then re-built, then made into a bridge, then flattened, then built up once more. As it morphed through the lorry and the factory front everyone could got involved and helped build something, a practical structure, like the bridge that someone (with a little support) walked over and a chair to an archway within the lorry, something people were afraid to/didn’t want to move/deconstruct.

I had perhaps some of the nicest feedback I have had so far as a curator when Helen Grundy emailed me the next day to say:

‘Just want to thank you for yesterday, it was so much fun playing inside a lorry. I have been looking at the pics and everybody looks so filled with childlike glee.Well done”

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