Friday, 4 September 2009

Hotel Minerva

Last night I went to London to see Birmingham painter Graham Chorlton's opening at Master Piper. I have to say I love Grahams painting and am currently saving the cash to invest in one.

The show was curated by Matt Price and was accompanied by a great bit of text by him. Here is a little more about the show:

'Hotel Minerva' (2007), the work that lends the exhibition its name, is of a hotel in Switzerland in which Chorlton has never stayed. His only encounter with it is through an old postcard he once found – a postcard that reveals little information about the hotel, only that it is in Lugano, or once was. While not a particularly distinctive building, it has a grandeur and charm of its own, and may once have been the most modern and stylish place to stay in the area. The nostalgia of a vintage postcard, celebrating the local hot spots of yesteryear, is carried forward in Chorlton’s painting as a memory that was never experienced. For many British people at the time the hotel was built and the postcard printed, continental Europe was a far-away dream, a holiday destination only for the rich and glamorous – a European imaginary before the days of budget airlines. Hotel Minerva captures this sense of longing through the filter of Swiss modernist architecture.

It's on until 3rd October 2009 and if you have the chance I say go check it out and support a local artist in the big smoke!

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