Monday, 21 September 2009

Re-place at The Works Gallery, Birmingham

Re-place at The Works Gallery is an exhibition showing some old Birmingham favourites as well as some artist from Bordeaux. The premise for the show was:

"In November 2008 artists Peter Grego, Tom Ranahan, Pamina Stewart and Paula Woof from Birmingham exhibited with French artists at the Le Hangar en Bois Gallery, Richard Biardeau, Joss Burke, Isidore Krapo, Véronique Lamare, Christophe Massé and Francis Viguera, as part of an exchange exhibition at the Art Chartrons Festival held in Bordeaux.

In September 2009, to coincide with Arts Fest in Birmingham, a second exhibition will take place. The title and the theme of the show is Re-Place. The artists from Birmingham and Bordeaux will interpret the idea of place in its widest sense using a range of media: photography, video, sculpture, mixed media and painting. The aim of this exhibition is to build on the cultural and artists’ links developed in the initial exhibition held in Bordeaux and to create a 'bridge' between artists working in these cities and link with other international artist communities. "

It was a nice mix of works, some standing out for me more than others, in particular Paula Woof's 'Fallen'...

...Francis Viguera ...

...and Peter Grego's 'Transitions.'

However, the most amusing part of this exhibtion for me was Pamina Stewarts piece entitled 'The Family,' this was amusing because I went to see the show the day before Fmily Fun Day. It was a nice coincidence.

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