Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Volte Gallery launch

Volte Gallery is a new exhibition space housed in the old railway station in Wolverhampton. It launched itself on Friday 25th September 2009 with an open submission show.

I have to admit the first thing that really hits you is the space, the old station is magnificent and was lit with table lamps dotted around the spaces on floors and window sills. As much as this light highlighted and exaggerated the space with its exposed brick and iron it sadly cast too many shadows upon the walls covering the views of the works. However, the work was well hung with Antoinette, the curator, saying that people could submit up to three pieces of work for their £25 submission fee, she then made sure these were not hung in the same room as she wanted to encourage movement around the space and offer each work its individual opportunity to shine and to promote different conversations between different people.

The overall quality of the work was fair with the odd diamond's by Nathaniel Pitt and Pin Chich Tseng (above). There was also a large painting that I was quite taken with but sadly no details of the artist.

I went with David Miller (TROVE co-curator and artist) and Angela Swan (Officer for Regeneration, Arts Council West Midlands) to see the show and we all left really happy and bubbly - it was so refreshing to go to an unpretentious preview with friendly artists (particularly floristry - see above image) and a really approachable and freshfaced curator.

We are all very excited to watch this amazing space develop under the direction of Antoinette.

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  1. I will exhibit there with a solo show from the 28th of this month 2011 onwards at 6 pm is the opening.
    Thanks for the info