Friday, 27 November 2009

Digital Treasure's Conference at The Public

Yesterday I went to the Digital Treasures conference at The Public with half arts council hat on and half curator hat on. This day was about 'Rethinking archives in the digital age.'

The day had some really good speakers which included:

Ed Vaizey MP, Tony Ageh, Controller of Archive Development, Screen WM in the first part of the day.

This was followed by an open panel including Jim Forrest, Web Creative Director of the Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts, Lisa Meyer, Capsule (who has started Home of Metal - a project about Brum being just that), Professor Vanessa Toulmin, National Fairground Archive, Arfon Smith, Oxford University and Technical Lead on Galaxy Zoo (who was amazing with some great projects - looking forward to Zooniverse!)

Then there were workshops - the first had Pirate Party leader Andrew Robinson on the panel, and I know we were talking Rights and Licences but I couldn't shake the image of him with a wooden leg, eye patch and parrott from my mind...

In the afternoon and post tea and brownie that I had with my workshops team we heard from Clusta/Television Junction Tak! Steve Gardam, Imperial War Museum and Paula Le Dieu, Director of Digital, BFI and a lady from Wikimedia UK
With Gordon Bell from Micrsoft rounding off the day with an insight into his 'Total Recall' idea of collecting all your memories in low resolution taking up only approx 10 terrabites of memory!

This day, though long, was very interesting, listening to how people had begun to create digital archives and used the technology to the benefits of audience and the projects in total was fascinating. Though a little lost mid day with the rights and ownership discussions this conference threw up a lot of discussion and debate and I feel we didn't even skim the surface of this topic plus I have not mentioned all of the speakers as many were added as the day rolled on.

Was also quite nice to go to The Public and play with all the interactive exhibits!

The Sickly Trickle by Zoe Williams at TROVE flyer

Saturday, 14 November 2009

'Finds' by Jo Gane at TROVE -Jo in the space and preview

Thursday 12th November 2009
Jo Gane spent the day in TROVE making some glass plate negative of objects found inside and outside of the space...

(photo credit: Diana Phillips)

The final three glass plates made for exhibition at the preview...

Me and Jo looking at one of the glass plates...
(photo credit: Diana Phillips)

Friday 13th November 2009
'Finds' preview

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Press Release for 'Finds' by Jo Gane at TROVE


TROVE presents:


A solo exhibition by Jo Gane

Thursday 12th November 2009 2-6pm

Friday 13th Preview 6-8pm

Saturday 14th 2-6pm

The Old Science Museum

144 Newhall Street


B3 1R2

Critically commenting on the traditional British landscape and our continuing search for an authentic and historical representation of it, Coventry based photographer Jo Gane questions the mythologies and values placed upon specific historical sites across Britain. Adopting the traditional wet plate collodion process for her work, the artist goes in search of relics and objects found within the timehonoured British landscape. The objects in themselves often hold negligible relationships to the sites history, setting up a tension between the object and the conventional reading of the site. The work comments on the tourist’s relationship to these landscapes.

At once archaeological and ironic, Finds presents what Gane uncovers on her ‘digs’ such as instructions on how to make a ‘genuine’ ancient manuscript at Stonehenge. These findings disrupt the approved historic dialogue at the sites, questioning the system of relations and shifting the hierarchy of the objects found and then photographed in this classic process of image capturing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch Gane create new plates in The Old Science Museum on Thursday 12th November, 2-6pm. With TROVE currently residing in a heritage site, Gane is effectively adding to her collection through the utilisation of materials she finds within the space. This archival process will ensure that both Finds and the history of The Old Science Museum are forever recorded for prosterity.

The official Preview will be held on Friday 13th, 6-8pm with the exhibition continuing on Saturday 14th, 2-6pm.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Event 2009 launch

Last night was the launch of The Event 2009 and it was amazing to see so many people old and new coming to Brum to support the local artist led activity and the festival in general. There were some really good new spaces on show particularly Crowd6 using The Lombard Method's new studio space for the first time and the opening to Grand Union, where there was a mass of people when I turned up which was really exciting!

Some pictorial highlights:

Crowd6 at The Lombard Method

Grand Union's artist book fair

Eastside Projects with Morris Dancers and Juneau Projects

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Grand Union and The Event part 1 - keys and install

Once upon a time Grand Union got their keys and got access to their space just in time for The Event 09....

...Springhill Institute, [insertspace], Project Pigeon and Stuart Whipps...

...Edward Wakefield's publication for [insertspace]...

...Ed's 100/250 with Grand Unioners in background... stuff pre-sort out...

..mid sort out... be continued....

Monday, 2 November 2009

Book Sniffing at Walsall Art Gallery

This is something I should have blogged about earlier really but a couple of weeks ago I went book sniffing at Walsall Art Gallery. This event was to coincide with 'The Library of Secrets' by Serena Korda which is currently residing at the gallery as part of its tour. Serena and book sniffer/journalist Murrough O’Brien chatted about the history of book printing as well as the smells of books and the memories etc that accompany them as well as how to sniff a book. Their talk was then followed by actual book sniffing of some selected from Jacob Epstein's library which is held at the galleries archives.

It was a great evening and I enjoyed sniffing the old paperbacks particularly as they smelt of vanilla, Serena's Library of Secrets was also great, my particular favourite secret read 'I am 67 and in love.'

For some pics and more information see

Grand Union at The Event

So - The Event is opening this week on Wednesday. Cheryl Jones ([insertspace]), Karin Kilberg (Springhill Institute) and I (TROVE) shall all be heading down to the GU space for the first time this afternoon since getting the keys to set up our artist book fair/library and Springhill's talks.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the books, zines and posters later and putting the show together. Will put some pics up on here of the progress of GU and The Event as it happens but in the meantime check out The Event's flicker account for a sneaky peak..