Monday, 2 November 2009

Book Sniffing at Walsall Art Gallery

This is something I should have blogged about earlier really but a couple of weeks ago I went book sniffing at Walsall Art Gallery. This event was to coincide with 'The Library of Secrets' by Serena Korda which is currently residing at the gallery as part of its tour. Serena and book sniffer/journalist Murrough O’Brien chatted about the history of book printing as well as the smells of books and the memories etc that accompany them as well as how to sniff a book. Their talk was then followed by actual book sniffing of some selected from Jacob Epstein's library which is held at the galleries archives.

It was a great evening and I enjoyed sniffing the old paperbacks particularly as they smelt of vanilla, Serena's Library of Secrets was also great, my particular favourite secret read 'I am 67 and in love.'

For some pics and more information see

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