Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Event 2009 launch

Last night was the launch of The Event 2009 and it was amazing to see so many people old and new coming to Brum to support the local artist led activity and the festival in general. There were some really good new spaces on show particularly Crowd6 using The Lombard Method's new studio space for the first time and the opening to Grand Union, where there was a mass of people when I turned up which was really exciting!

Some pictorial highlights:

Crowd6 at The Lombard Method

Grand Union's artist book fair

Eastside Projects with Morris Dancers and Juneau Projects


  1. mmm... shame i couldn't get there! hope it went well.

    So what did you guys, the crowd 6 gang and the juneau laddies get upto then??? What did I miss and what can i still see?

  2. tomorrows the last day! go if you have time, its the premiere of the Grand Union space - very exciting and I have to say Crowd6 was prob my favourite show, Jamie's type writer piece and Liz's photos are awesome...