Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Press Release for 'Finds' by Jo Gane at TROVE


TROVE presents:


A solo exhibition by Jo Gane

Thursday 12th November 2009 2-6pm

Friday 13th Preview 6-8pm

Saturday 14th 2-6pm

The Old Science Museum

144 Newhall Street


B3 1R2

Critically commenting on the traditional British landscape and our continuing search for an authentic and historical representation of it, Coventry based photographer Jo Gane questions the mythologies and values placed upon specific historical sites across Britain. Adopting the traditional wet plate collodion process for her work, the artist goes in search of relics and objects found within the timehonoured British landscape. The objects in themselves often hold negligible relationships to the sites history, setting up a tension between the object and the conventional reading of the site. The work comments on the tourist’s relationship to these landscapes.

At once archaeological and ironic, Finds presents what Gane uncovers on her ‘digs’ such as instructions on how to make a ‘genuine’ ancient manuscript at Stonehenge. These findings disrupt the approved historic dialogue at the sites, questioning the system of relations and shifting the hierarchy of the objects found and then photographed in this classic process of image capturing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch Gane create new plates in The Old Science Museum on Thursday 12th November, 2-6pm. With TROVE currently residing in a heritage site, Gane is effectively adding to her collection through the utilisation of materials she finds within the space. This archival process will ensure that both Finds and the history of The Old Science Museum are forever recorded for prosterity.

The official Preview will be held on Friday 13th, 6-8pm with the exhibition continuing on Saturday 14th, 2-6pm.

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