Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Go to Nottingham

Nottingham Contemporary, MOOT, The Wasp Room, Backlit, Trade...one day out in one city with seven shows - go to Nottingham!

Saturday 20th February 2010 I went to Nottingham with Myster David. First stop - Nottingham Contemporary and their current show 'Star City' which was amazing!

My cabinet obsession continues...
My better half of TROVE Myster David

Then Tether's studios and The Wasp Room It was really nice to meet the Tether boys and have a mooch around their studios, their flyers were also great!

Backlit , three gallery spaces and various studios in MOOTs old home

Finally onto a launch at MOOT's new space which consisted of the main central space complete with square bar and pasta with home made pesto served by Tristan 'one part of MOOT' Hessing, The Reading Room where Brum's An Endless Supply had worked with Bruce Ayling of Trade, then there was also the opening of Trade's new space and The Attic space with a show by Walden Affairs all at 1 Thoresby Street

Not sure if I've mentioned this but - go to Nottingham!

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