Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Vaults Bazaar

TROVE, in association with ARC, presents:

The Vaults Bazaar

A collection of artists from around the UK

One night only:
Wednesday 24th February 2010 6-8pm with music till late

The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham, B1 3JH

Details of each Vault:

"Global Warning" Milk, Two Sugars will show their latest animated film at TROVEs show at the Vaults. They will make a limited edition issue of ‘Milk, Two Sugars’ zine for the exhibition with a free gift of a DVD of the film and the two previous films they have made. The film and zine concern their perspective on global climate issues, mass consumerism, the lack of political action, the corruption of power, the built-in obsolescence of humanity, the impending failure of the current social system, how rising sea levels threaten the artist, the obsession with fickle celebrities, the folly of organised religion and more, with a few nob gags.

"2 into 1" is a single screen video work that intends to investigate the performance and perception of personal identity. Working with George Reynolds, a man with Foreign Accent Syndrome Caitlin Griffiths and he inhabit each others recounted experiences. This ‘cuckooing’ of Griffiths into someone else’s experience or family dynamic is a significant motif in her visual arts practice. Sometimes, the process is a literal injection of herself into other artists’ pasts (the Art Histories series), and other times she appear as an interruption into a family group (Coop I). Griffiths' intention is to visualise the artist’s role as a conduit between the subject and the audience and in doing so, not only establish a purpose for the artist, but also engage in critical debates about how identities are received, interpreted and understood.

Elizabeth Short is fascinated by the role of scale and context in the construction of meaning. Her Birmingham Miniatures series of photographs depicting Birmingham scenery, suggest both macro and micro scales of size by presenting relatively large as relatively small. For this show at The Vaults Short is producing new images for this series, "Jewellery Quarter Miniatures", based in various locations within the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. These locations have been chosen to be sympathetic to the exhibition space itself.

When man became sentient, he became aware of his own mortality. His first instinct was to create spirituality. For the last five years Steve Varndell has been creating work that explores the line between what man can understand and encode, and what man aspires to understand and encode. Varndell will produce a single wall based work entitled “Popeye Innocent X”, a digital print, 50cm x 30cm. It will be an illustration of the cartoon character, Popeye, depicted in an eerie realism, that retains his unusually shaped proportions (large chin, pronounced squint in left eye, abnormally large forearms, short legs), whilst removing the flat comic effect of the traditional cartoon.

"Daniel Knows…" is a fortune telling performance that Daniel Lehan is now bringing to The Vaults for TROVEs February 2010 show: DANIEL KNOWS - HE KNOWS, HE DOES - My Mother Was A Traveller, A Famous Witch, Who Knew Her Demons Well. My Father Came From Wales, And Was The Nephew Of A Very Old Sorcerer. I Am Their Seventh Son.

"CUT" This group show ‘cuts’ into the vaults shape through our intervention/installation. The idea of the cut or cutting forms a link between the separate artworks/art practices: cutting as a means of forming; cutting as splicing (bringing together); cutting as going elsewhere. The ‘cut’ away in a painting of another place, the cut paper and card of an investigative modelling, the edited cut (or absence of such) of a time-based video. Graham Chorlton is based in Birmingham and works as a painter and image maker, interested in place embodying experience, mise en scene, environment. The allure of elsewhere. Yearning. Jane Ball is based in Coventry and works in sculptural installation, interested in time as a fluid process, change and transformation through material process working with everyday objects, and reinterpreting history in the present (“coming into the now of their recognisability” Benjamin). Brigid McLeer is based in London and works in video and drawing, interested in contingency, process, time, subjectivity, the figure and the figurative – always work in response to pre-existing sources, sites, texts, images.

Time Piece” is a performance by Paul Newman simulating the movement of a waiter clearing tables. The action is a metaphor for the mechanics of an analogue clock and is an association with ‘a slice of time’, both as shift work and as a durational performance for the length of a show. The routine is relatively precarious as a rehearsed action with the potential for lapses in concentration due to distraction, boredom and fatigue, generating incident that can disrupt the mechanism of the clock. Its framework explores two components of performance; repetition and unpredictability.

Coco Deville has been smouldering in the underground, experimental and kitsch burlesque scene for over three years. Her distinct style is a heady blend of contemporary dance, clowning techniques and old school burlesque theatrics. At Vaults Bazaar Coco will be entertaining us with three special titillating, whimsical performances throughout the night.

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