Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Andrew Bracey's Palette Parasite at Ikon Gallery!!!

see Interventions blog post for more deets

Ikon Gallery in March

Great show at Ikon Gallery at the moment, thought all three artists work was great.

Shuruq Harb's 'A Book of Signatures' reminded me a lot of Caitlin Griffiths' 'Signature Book' ... I liked how it was displayed and suited the Tower Room perfectly.

Second Floor was Ron Terada, a nice show, fun work.

My favourite however was Susan Collis on the first floor. She has previously shown in Birmingham at ESP but this is a great opportunity to see more of her work. Her subtle pieces each need a double take. Seemingly dull pieces, a wooden step ladder with paint splats, a wall covered with old screws, an old artist coat covered in paint, a bucket collecting a water drip constantly falling from the ceiling. On closer inspection the paint splots on the ladder are inlayed pieces of mother of pearl, the paint on the coat meticulously sewn on, the screws and marks on the walls are semi precious stones and the water drip a constant, the water being pumped into the ceiling from the bucket of which never fills more than just a few drops.

I really enjoyed this show, especially the Collis floor, I like the whimsicality of it, the second glance, the need for the audience to engage with each of the three artists work to fully appreciate them. Defo worth a viewing!

Monday, 22 March 2010

oh, now you can see why

'oh, now you can see why' is TROVEs March project. We have worked with Adrian Johnson, the current poet laureate of Birmingham, who has written us a short poem about The Old Science Museum where TROVE are currently located. It will be on display on the windows to the left of the space from Friday 26th March 2010.

Monday, 15 March 2010

A weekend up north

A hop skip and a drive up the M6 took me to Manchester Saturday just gone and then Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday morning.

In Manc I popped into the Whitworth to see their wallpaper show then onto Cornerhouse for the David Mackintosh...and this is what they looked like.

Walls Are Talking was an exhibition of artists' wallpapers with work by over 30 artists!
Above is Thomas Demand's Ivy Wallpaper and it filled one of the galleries, it was beautiful. This show is worth seeing, I was a little disappointed by some of the works but impressed by the collection and callabre of artists that have worked with wallpaper as a medium. I was also pleased to see some William Morris still holding its place next to David Shrigley's and Damien Hirst's.

The onto Cornerhouse to see the Mackintosh. It was a brilliant show and totally worth catching just for his animation alone.

Craig and Ben checking out the wall painting in the top floor gallery against the postcard.

Sunday morning came, 3.30am to be exact and a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the James Turrell Deer Shelter during dawn - this is the second time I've been and it is incredible. YSP do this event approx 3 times a year, words I would use to describe it? Magical, intense, meditative, beautiful and still.

Some idea of how the colours change from night to day, all in an hour and a half.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

West Midlands Open 2010

The West Midlands Open was a great disappointment. I went to see the show one lunch time with a couple of my arts council colleagues and we were disappointed that what was on show was the apparent 'best of the West Midlands.' The curation was interesting, I liked all the Birmingham landscapes put together, reminded me of the brilliant Birmingham Seen show that was in the Gas Hall earlier this year. This themed curation however highlighted not only what the exhibition had but also what it lacked, for example the two asian specific pieces of work were put together, all two of them, this obvious placement next to the mostly white male made photographs was fairly embarrassing.

Highlights for me were:

George Benson 'Deadset'

Hilton Vasey's 'Tesla Thought Photography Helmut'

Andrew Spackman's 'Foundation Stone' and Lee Stowers' pieces

Anne Guests 'Moth-er Fokkers'

Harry Blackett 'Broken Wing Lucifer Placard'

Stephen Earl Jones' 'Democracy - the King is greeted by a little urchin at the Epsom Races'

Monday, 8 March 2010

Interventions Part 2: Palette Pallet

Anneka French has been busy. Her latest set of curatorial interventions have just meant that Angela Swan and I have spent half of our lunch break looking mad, slowly walking around the outside of Ikon Gallery gazing up at its walls searching for a hint, a slight shadow, a dot of colour...

The official blurb reads like this:

"Keep your eyes open whilst you're about and about this spring. Interventions is a long-term project, where artworks are placed into various public spaces. It serves as a platform for a different type of art exhibition, one which is nomadic and discovered, engaging with wide and unsuspecting audiences. On display in Interventions Part 2 are artists Andrew Bracey and John O'Hare"

In particular we were searching for one of Andrew Bracey's palette parasites however could not spot it.

If you've had some better luck in spying it or one of John O'Hare's pallets get in touch...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Vaults Bazaar in pictures

The Vaults Bazaar presented by TROVE in association with ARC

Elizabeth Short 'Jewellery Quarter Miniatures' photographs

Milk, Two Sugars 'Global Warning' installation

Jane Ball, Graham Chorlton and Brigid McLeer's group show 'Cut'

Detail of 'Cut'

Detail of 'Cut'

Daniel Lehan 'Daniel knows...' performance

Coco Deville burlesque performance

Steve Varndell 'Popeye Innocent X' digital drawing

Paul Newman 'Time Piece' performance

Caitlin Griffiths '2 into 1' video

Monday, 1 March 2010