Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ikon Gallery in March

Great show at Ikon Gallery at the moment, thought all three artists work was great.

Shuruq Harb's 'A Book of Signatures' reminded me a lot of Caitlin Griffiths' 'Signature Book' ... I liked how it was displayed and suited the Tower Room perfectly.

Second Floor was Ron Terada, a nice show, fun work.

My favourite however was Susan Collis on the first floor. She has previously shown in Birmingham at ESP but this is a great opportunity to see more of her work. Her subtle pieces each need a double take. Seemingly dull pieces, a wooden step ladder with paint splats, a wall covered with old screws, an old artist coat covered in paint, a bucket collecting a water drip constantly falling from the ceiling. On closer inspection the paint splots on the ladder are inlayed pieces of mother of pearl, the paint on the coat meticulously sewn on, the screws and marks on the walls are semi precious stones and the water drip a constant, the water being pumped into the ceiling from the bucket of which never fills more than just a few drops.

I really enjoyed this show, especially the Collis floor, I like the whimsicality of it, the second glance, the need for the audience to engage with each of the three artists work to fully appreciate them. Defo worth a viewing!


  1. Hello Charlie. It was nice to say hello to you at Worcester Open today. I completely agree with you about Susan Collis's work. I first saw her work properly when she had a solo at Leicester City Gallery in 2007.

  2. Hi Kirsty, I've been able to put works to your name now after having a nosey around your blog, lovely to meet you too, next time hopefully over a cup of tea!