Monday, 8 March 2010

Interventions Part 2: Palette Pallet

Anneka French has been busy. Her latest set of curatorial interventions have just meant that Angela Swan and I have spent half of our lunch break looking mad, slowly walking around the outside of Ikon Gallery gazing up at its walls searching for a hint, a slight shadow, a dot of colour...

The official blurb reads like this:

"Keep your eyes open whilst you're about and about this spring. Interventions is a long-term project, where artworks are placed into various public spaces. It serves as a platform for a different type of art exhibition, one which is nomadic and discovered, engaging with wide and unsuspecting audiences. On display in Interventions Part 2 are artists Andrew Bracey and John O'Hare"

In particular we were searching for one of Andrew Bracey's palette parasites however could not spot it.

If you've had some better luck in spying it or one of John O'Hare's pallets get in touch...


  1. Where was it? I'm going in search of the IKON one again tomorrow, couldn't spot the Cornerhouse one either on Saturday...

  2. Hello,
    sorry to curatorcharlie, the Cornerhouse one got nicked by some unsavoury and unsporting type. see missing poster on the blog-
    But thankyou for going to spot the parasites..they might still spread further,

  3. HI CuratorCharlie, well I am impressed with your palette parasite searching prowess and stamina and apologies to you for the cornerhouse aborted mission, it was stolen by some unsavoury type, see blog below.
    anyhow just wanted to say bravo for the searching,

  4. It is at wolverhampton art gallery on the way in on the door frame!