Wednesday, 10 March 2010

West Midlands Open 2010

The West Midlands Open was a great disappointment. I went to see the show one lunch time with a couple of my arts council colleagues and we were disappointed that what was on show was the apparent 'best of the West Midlands.' The curation was interesting, I liked all the Birmingham landscapes put together, reminded me of the brilliant Birmingham Seen show that was in the Gas Hall earlier this year. This themed curation however highlighted not only what the exhibition had but also what it lacked, for example the two asian specific pieces of work were put together, all two of them, this obvious placement next to the mostly white male made photographs was fairly embarrassing.

Highlights for me were:

George Benson 'Deadset'

Hilton Vasey's 'Tesla Thought Photography Helmut'

Andrew Spackman's 'Foundation Stone' and Lee Stowers' pieces

Anne Guests 'Moth-er Fokkers'

Harry Blackett 'Broken Wing Lucifer Placard'

Stephen Earl Jones' 'Democracy - the King is greeted by a little urchin at the Epsom Races'

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