Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gloria's Crew - Jenine McGaughran

Last night was ARC's latest event 'Gloria's Crew' curated by Jenine McGaughran. This is ARCs third show by an invited local curator and it was a brilliant exhibition. The official blurb read:

Taking its name from Alice Sheldon’s 1976 novella ‘Houston, Houston, Do You Read?’ in which an all female society present a feminist utopian vision aboard spaceship Gloria, the exhibition celebrates female practitioners, showcasing an international selection of seminal and contemporary works.

At the centre of Gloria’s Crew is an investigation into the methods and processes of knowledge transfer particular to the work of women. Functioning across a range of media including text-based works, audio installations, film and sculpture, the artists reference literary narratives, exploit open sources of knowledge such as the internet and advertising billboards, and appropriate female icons to highlight that the way in which we communicate is consistently politicised and gendered. Artists include: Andrea Greenwood, Hayley Lock, Cecile Emmanuelle Borra,the Guerrilla Girls, Marysia Lewandoska (WAA), Ellie Rees, Karien Van Assendelft + more.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a special set from DJ duo ATTA girl, who’ll be spinning their love for (predominantly) female vocalists throughout the evening.

Stand out vaults were by Andrea Greenwood (top image) and old TROVE favourite Hayley Lock (bottom image).

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