Monday, 31 May 2010

EXPOSED: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera

One word to sum up the Summer show at TATE Modern 'EXPOSED: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera'....AMAZING!

Here are some personal highlights:

Emily Jacir 'Linz Diary'
Leonard McCombe '[Eyes right is executed with almost military precision by dining car males aboard New York bound 20th Century Limited as Kim Novak eases into a seat]'
Yale Joel '[Man adjusting overcoat and grimacing while looking in trick one-way mirror, lobby of Broadway movie theatre, Times Square, New York]'
Shizuka Yokomizo 'Untitled'
Brassai 'Lovers in a small cafe, near the Place d'Italie'

Oliver Lutz 'The Lynching of Leo Frank'

It was such a delight to see so many beautiful photographs all bought together and to see such familiar and iconic works in actual photograph form rather than in print or online. Room after room of quality images, it's a credit to TATE and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that they could collate such a mass of relevant works and present them in such a fabulous way. I cannot gush about this exhibition enough - go and see it!

The Crisis of Socialism by David Mackintosh at TROVE

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Art Detection Service at ARC

Last night was the May offering by ARC. The blurb went like this:

Drop in at The Vaults on Wednesday 26th May from 6pm for ARC, a monthly event promoting curatorial activity in the West Midlands. This month, ARC are super excited to be joined by world-famous art busters Art Detection Services Ltd. Bringing with them their 100% accurate art-detecting machines, they’ll provide you with the answers that’ll end all questions.

Fresh from a residency at the Created in Birmingham shop, Art Detection Services are seasoned curators. The Good Art Gallery project grew from submissions by local artists – only those confirmed as art by the keen eye of the infamous art-detecting machines made it onto the gallery walls. Extending this curatorial rationale to The Vaults, Art Detection Services invite you to an exhibition of works guaranteed to be 100% good - in fact, visitors can witness the live correction of bad works until they are nothing short of good.

If you are itching to find out whether your own creations are indeed art, bring them along! Art Detection Services Ltd will scan and certify your works, free of charge. There will also be artistic supplies available in order that you can create your own work to be scanned, or correct that which is deemed bad. For more information about Art Detection Services click HERE

Alongside the exhibition, Brum blogger Pete Ashton and creative jack-of-all-trades Matt Snowden will be providing music of a distinct 8bit bent.

The Vaults | Newhall Hill | Birmingham | B1 3JHE:

Above is some 'good art' while below is the decontamination chamber where the Art Detection Service tried to make bad art good...

Below mine and Ben's art - yet to be detected...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Show of Science - performance night

Two of the artists from Show of Science showed some additional aspects to their work last Thursday. Lee Stowers and Luke Williams bought some performance to the final Thursday of the show being on.

Lee played his home made machines in an almost dj manner, making rhythms and beats from the electronic beeps and hum's for the first hour. At one point it was so loud it not only filled the old science museum brilliantly but bits of the roof fell down!

During the second hour Luke Williams played a series of projections again mixing the sounds of the projectors and the narrations from short films such as a documentary on the solar system and aircraft.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Show of Science snaps

Here are some snaps from TROVEs Show of Science

a.a.s.' '978-0345345257'

Victoria Jenkins' 'Lapis Philosophorum: You Are Excrement. You Can Change Yourself Into Gold.'

Lee Stowers' 'Random Sound Generators and Modified Toys'

Luke Williams' 'Lighthouse'

Luke Williams' 'Camera'

Friday, 7 May 2010

Show of Science - more openings!


TROVE will now be open Saturday 8th May 12-4pm
and a special late night Thursday 13th May 8-10pm with additional projections by Luke Williams

TROVE presents:

a.a.s., Victoria Jenkins, Lee Stowers and Luke Williams
Preview - 30th April 2010 6 – 8pm
contact Charlie or David for further information or
TROVE have been situated in The Old Science Museum in Birmingham ‘s Jewellery Quarter for the past 7 months. The Museum used to house the city’s science and industry collection before it moved to Birmingham’s Millennium Point 10 years ago. Since then the space has been occasionally used for art initiatives directed by The Museum of Lost Heritage. This group gave over access and free range of a programme to TROVE last year and since then TROVE have programmed a new event/exhibition every month. For this April however TROVE return to the buildings roots and presents Show of Science.

Pseudo-science, the make believe, the hand made and discovery are themes running through the four artists in this exhibition. a.a.s. have created a new piece of film and installation for the show dealing with themes of the scientific experiment, whether real or unreal is up to you. The same is visualised in Victoria Jenkins’ beautiful black and white photographic series Lapis Philosophorum of constructed experiments. The works of Lee Stowers and Luke Williams, though also constructed objects, are real, Luke’s camera and Lee’s music boxes are beautiful in their antique appearances. All pieces hint at the historic, at first glance there is nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary, though with closer inspection there is something odd about the works. The double take allows this Show of Science to move from a series of simple objects of science to pieces that make you question its use, its reliability as official fact and of the make believe.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

return of the mac

So, the mac is back! and it's kinda like the old one but smells nicer...

The opening exhibtion in the new main gallery space is by Simon Poulter and was ok...I liked the HP sign and button books...

...later we went to see A Single Man in the mac cinema on the opening evening, which was brilliant, only to be made slightly better with popcorn...but you werent allowed to take food into the cinema.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spike Island, Bristol

Very very good day out in Bristol at the weekend with David Miller, Spike Island for Zoe Williams' show and the open studios then onto the Fini.

Zoe Williams showed at TROVE last year. Her exhibition was a pre-show to this final exhibition at Spike Island where she has recently been a resident, and it has changed quite a lot. Plinths are now painted black, there was a beautiful lacquered victorian screen and more paintings, however the small trinkets and semi precious mushrooms, rings and bones were all the same as seen at TROVE. It was a lovely continuation and was a pleasure to see how the work has developed and how her pieces looked in a white and baby pink painted space rather than TROVEs dusty old science museum location.

Then the open studios, a few images of the work David and I liked:

Ben Rowe

William Rounce

Angela Lizon

Phillipa Lawrence

Patrick Haines

Marcus Jeffries

Otto Zitko and Louise Bourgeois at the Arnolfini, here is a small picture of the finished piece by Zitko as seen last month that covers every single central wall of the gallery, from the entrance and reception all the way up to the roof - nice.