Monday, 31 May 2010

EXPOSED: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera

One word to sum up the Summer show at TATE Modern 'EXPOSED: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera'....AMAZING!

Here are some personal highlights:

Emily Jacir 'Linz Diary'
Leonard McCombe '[Eyes right is executed with almost military precision by dining car males aboard New York bound 20th Century Limited as Kim Novak eases into a seat]'
Yale Joel '[Man adjusting overcoat and grimacing while looking in trick one-way mirror, lobby of Broadway movie theatre, Times Square, New York]'
Shizuka Yokomizo 'Untitled'
Brassai 'Lovers in a small cafe, near the Place d'Italie'

Oliver Lutz 'The Lynching of Leo Frank'

It was such a delight to see so many beautiful photographs all bought together and to see such familiar and iconic works in actual photograph form rather than in print or online. Room after room of quality images, it's a credit to TATE and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that they could collate such a mass of relevant works and present them in such a fabulous way. I cannot gush about this exhibition enough - go and see it!

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