Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spike Island, Bristol

Very very good day out in Bristol at the weekend with David Miller, Spike Island for Zoe Williams' show and the open studios then onto the Fini.

Zoe Williams showed at TROVE last year. Her exhibition was a pre-show to this final exhibition at Spike Island where she has recently been a resident, and it has changed quite a lot. Plinths are now painted black, there was a beautiful lacquered victorian screen and more paintings, however the small trinkets and semi precious mushrooms, rings and bones were all the same as seen at TROVE. It was a lovely continuation and was a pleasure to see how the work has developed and how her pieces looked in a white and baby pink painted space rather than TROVEs dusty old science museum location.

Then the open studios, a few images of the work David and I liked:

Ben Rowe

William Rounce

Angela Lizon

Phillipa Lawrence

Patrick Haines

Marcus Jeffries

Otto Zitko and Louise Bourgeois at the Arnolfini, here is a small picture of the finished piece by Zitko as seen last month that covers every single central wall of the gallery, from the entrance and reception all the way up to the roof - nice.

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