Monday, 7 June 2010

Hay Festival

Yesterday I went to the Hay on Wye Book Festival for the first time and sadly only for the day. I saw an amazing talk by Laura Cumming who spoke about self portraiture and her book 'A Face to the World.' She was very charming, unpatronising and interesting - really enjoyed that one. Second we saw Patrick Cramsie and the blurb went like this:

The British Library Lecture: The Story of Graphic Design

A magnificent and revelatory study of the development of graphic styles in the West, from the origins of the alphabet itself to the work of the greatest designers and scribes in history.

which sounded amazing, sadly the talk was not, to be quite honest I think I could have done a better talk myself without having researched and written a book about it! Lastly was the amazing and charismatic Zadie Smith - she is as beautiful as she is talented - great talk with extracts from some of her articles which spanned Roland Barthes, Barack Obama to her dad and Fawlty Towers.

Great day out and plan to go for much longer next year.

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