Monday, 26 July 2010

Paris Correspondence School - update!

Want to get involved in Paris Correspondence School?

Post me a modified, altered, new or messaged postcard between 1st August and 23rd August 2010 to:

51 rue Sedaine, Paris, 75011, France

Please let me know who you are too by either writing your name and contact email on the postcard or by emailing me details of you and your card to

Check out the blog HERE for further details

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Order of Things - Kate Farley


Kate Farley

On permanent display in Newhall Square, off Newhall Street, Jewellery Quarter, B3 1RZ

The ‘Order of Things’ is a wallpaper designed by artist Kate Farley. It was designed originally for the foyer spaces of the four buildings that were going to be built on the site where the Science and Industry Museum used to stand in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. However, due to building being halted the Museum of Lost Heritage along with TROVE have decided to display it in new cultural hub, Newhall Square.

Farley’s design concept was established from the original Science Museum site as well as its exciting history as a silver-plating factory. The imagery Farley uses includes photographs, rubbings and ephemera collected in site. The collages are then made as a response to the archiving and storing of the images and actual materials. Farley represents this in a grid, which she says ‘reinforces the formality of the shelving and display systems used in museums.’ Farley’s colour palette is also a direct reference to the original site as Farley collected original paint samples before the demolition of the site.

‘Order of Things’ by Kate Farley will be on permanent display in Newhall Square from July 2010

Presented in association with Museum of Lost Heritage and TROVE

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Things I saw and went to in London this week

Wednesday saw me trip to London for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2010 launch at The Photographer's Gallery. This year it is being curated by legend that is Martin Parr and I can't wait to see it this October. Here are some sneaky shots from the Sally Mann show that was on at the gallery, which was beautifully awkward work.

Friday I popped into the Barbican to see a couple of the 101 things to do this summer. First was John Bock's new commission for the Curve. The installations were amazing and at the launch were the homes of Bock's characters which played out a very surreal and odd play which was projected further around the curve. I'm not sure I quite got it but I found the film very funny.

In the main gallery was The Surreal House - what a brilliant show! The blurb goes like this:

Step inside a labyrinth of chambers, designed by acclaimed young architects Carmody Groarke, and experience The Surreal House - its haunted rooms, delirious forms, blasted architecture and cinematic dreamscapes - featuring a host of artists, architects and film makers including Salvador Dali , Marcel Duchamp , Alberto Giacometti , René Magritte , Man Ray , Joseph Cornell and Maya Deren through to more contemporary figures, among them; Rebecca Horn , Edward Kienholz and Rem Koolhaas .

At times enchanting, playful and at others, deeply disquieting,The Surreal House is a dwelling that is essentially everything that the rational, functional Modernist house is not.

I enjoyed this show so much I bought a catalogue, I really enjoyed all the movies though sadly did not have the time to sit and watch them all on this visit, especially as they were showing La Belle et le Bete in full! And thanks to old friend Leon who cheekily got me and my friends in for free! Here are some snaps so you can see what its like.

Above - Freud's desk chair!

And on Saturday we went to Serpentine Gallery to see the Wolfgang Tillmans show and the new summer pavillion by Jean Nouvel, which got mixed reviews from the group I went with, go check it out and let me know what you thought.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


This post is a little late...but a few weeks ago it was the Bournville BA final show, whilst there I popped into IPS for their latest show, which is by Lucy Clout with Keith Arnatt in the Notices section, and also to pick up a copy of the latest An Endless Supply, no. 14 that was launched that night, and it may perhaps be my favourite one to date.

Lucy Clout's work from IPS

As for the BA show it was only Erin Libetta's work that caught my eye (below) - and for obvious reasons I think...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

TROVE has a new poster

Designed to go up in Newhall Square, a site in the Jewellery Quarter once known as the site of the old science museum which is being re-branded into a new cultural hub, TROVE were asked to design a poster showing their events including the re-branding of their location, the building we are in is now known as The Engine Room. I approached designer Ben Brooks and above is our new poster!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Creative Birmingham have set up a website with the aim to promote and celebrate all the creative ideas happening in Birmingham. The initiative is called 'Invisible City', you nominate somewhere then vote for the best, and TROVE are on there.

Vote for TROVE now HERE

The official blurb goes like this:

Get Involved

This is a community project with the goal of celebrating and promoting creative ideas in Birmingham. It's the first year and we want as many people as possible to help shape the project.

The Goals

So many creative and cultural events, projects, exhibitions, performances and meet-ups happen within specific networks. The goal of this project is to help widen the awareness of those networks and introduce them to whole new audiences.

The Format

The Invisible City Project (run by Creative Republic) takes the format of an online nomination process for a period of 2 months, during which nominations will be distributed and promoted across multiple networks and formats. The resulting archive of nominations, with their associated votes and discussion will then be used to produce the final outcome...

The Outcome

Aside from the website itself the aim is to take the project, based around a social media platform, and present the outcome in different formats suitable for different audiences. This will include;

  • A book: a collated version of 2010's winning nominations will be arranged into a final book
  • A video: along the way we will be filming interviews with nominated parties and associated events. These will be edited in a final video for 2010's entries
  • An end of summer event: At the end of the summer Creative Republic will be holding an event to celebrate all the nominations

What Can You Do?

To successfully celebrate all that goes on in the city we need your input. For this you can;

  • Add multiple nominations to the website
  • Vote (out of 10) on the nominations uploaded
  • Leave your comments and opinions against the nominations
  • Suggest new categories: If you have something to nominate that you don't think fits into any of our categories then please get in touch.

Register for free on the website now to upload your nominations, and check out the nominations and categories already on the site.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Terminal Bar press release

'The Terminal Bar'
photographs by Sheldon Nadelman

Curated by Morgan Quaintance in association with TROVE

Preview in association with The Birmingham Jazz Festival: 23rd July 2010 6-9pm with The Baghdaddies performing from 7pm

Open Saturday 31st July and 7th August 12-4pm
or by appointment - please contact

From 1972-1982 Sheldon Nadelman shot over 2,500 photographs during his stint as a tender in New York’s Terminal Bar: one of the toughest dives on Manhattan’s 8th street. Using his 35mm Pentax camera, set to 1600 ASA, Nadelman utilised the natural light available to capture the clientele who frequented the bar. In the ten-year duration of Nadelman’s undertaking, a steady stream of Irish Longshoremen, Pimps, Drag Queens, and African American gay males came through Terminal’s Doors. Nadelman made a point of photographing everybody, without discrimination. Some subjects would return while other, more dangerous or tragic figures, would only wander in for the one sitting.

Nadelman managed to capture a kind of guileless truth within his portraiture. It is a result that is seldom seen amongst contemporary subjects, all to aware of the power of projection. No instruction was given to the people who sat for portraits, allowing for their own particular types of subjectivity to shine through. The steely-eyed glare of a pimp in one is swiftly followed by a tender look in the eyes of another: drag queens stare out in defiant poise. There is no uniformity to typology, no conformity to stereotype, no uncomfortable exploitation of exoticism. What is present in Nadelman's portraiture are all the contradictions of human nature frozen in time.

For the first time in the UK Trove, in association with curator Morgan Quaintance, will be showing 810 Nadelman portraits, alongside interview footage, in which Nadelman delves into the particular histories of certain photographs and their subjects.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Paris Correspondence School

In August I will be in Paris - which is brilliant! Whilst there I will be producing, curating and organising, along with a fabulous bunch of artists, Paris Correspondence School.

Follow the activity and find out more about the artists HERE

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Baghdaddies

TROVE are very excited that our next exhibition The Terminal Bar, which is guest curated by Morgan Quaintance, will be previewing in collaboration with The Birmingham Jazz Festival.

As part of the festival The Baghdaddies will be performing in Newhall Square from 7pm with the exhibition open from 6pm on 23rd July 2010.

Hear more of them HERE