Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Order of Things - Kate Farley


Kate Farley

On permanent display in Newhall Square, off Newhall Street, Jewellery Quarter, B3 1RZ

The ‘Order of Things’ is a wallpaper designed by artist Kate Farley. It was designed originally for the foyer spaces of the four buildings that were going to be built on the site where the Science and Industry Museum used to stand in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. However, due to building being halted the Museum of Lost Heritage along with TROVE have decided to display it in new cultural hub, Newhall Square.

Farley’s design concept was established from the original Science Museum site as well as its exciting history as a silver-plating factory. The imagery Farley uses includes photographs, rubbings and ephemera collected in site. The collages are then made as a response to the archiving and storing of the images and actual materials. Farley represents this in a grid, which she says ‘reinforces the formality of the shelving and display systems used in museums.’ Farley’s colour palette is also a direct reference to the original site as Farley collected original paint samples before the demolition of the site.

‘Order of Things’ by Kate Farley will be on permanent display in Newhall Square from July 2010

Presented in association with Museum of Lost Heritage and TROVE

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