Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Creative Birmingham have set up a website with the aim to promote and celebrate all the creative ideas happening in Birmingham. The initiative is called 'Invisible City', you nominate somewhere then vote for the best, and TROVE are on there.

Vote for TROVE now HERE

The official blurb goes like this:

Get Involved

This is a community project with the goal of celebrating and promoting creative ideas in Birmingham. It's the first year and we want as many people as possible to help shape the project.

The Goals

So many creative and cultural events, projects, exhibitions, performances and meet-ups happen within specific networks. The goal of this project is to help widen the awareness of those networks and introduce them to whole new audiences.

The Format

The Invisible City Project (run by Creative Republic) takes the format of an online nomination process for a period of 2 months, during which nominations will be distributed and promoted across multiple networks and formats. The resulting archive of nominations, with their associated votes and discussion will then be used to produce the final outcome...

The Outcome

Aside from the website itself the aim is to take the project, based around a social media platform, and present the outcome in different formats suitable for different audiences. This will include;

  • A book: a collated version of 2010's winning nominations will be arranged into a final book
  • A video: along the way we will be filming interviews with nominated parties and associated events. These will be edited in a final video for 2010's entries
  • An end of summer event: At the end of the summer Creative Republic will be holding an event to celebrate all the nominations

What Can You Do?

To successfully celebrate all that goes on in the city we need your input. For this you can;

  • Add multiple nominations to the website
  • Vote (out of 10) on the nominations uploaded
  • Leave your comments and opinions against the nominations
  • Suggest new categories: If you have something to nominate that you don't think fits into any of our categories then please get in touch.

Register for free on the website now to upload your nominations, and check out the nominations and categories already on the site.

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