Monday, 27 September 2010

two weeks in Brum

This is what two weeks of previews in Birmingham looks like in pictures:

TUESDAY 21st Sept 2010
Ikon Gallery 'Kitagawa Utamaro'
Ikon Gallery 'Donald Judd'
WEDNESDAY 22nd Sept 2010
VIVID 'Haroon Mirza The Last Tape' curated by the lovely Jenine McGaughran
THURSDAY 23rd Sept 2010
TROVE 'Sing Silent Songs with Matt Krishau, Wendy Mayer, David Miller and Paul Newman'
FRIDAY 24th Sept 2010
Grand Union 'Jamie Shovlin'
Eastside Projects 'Jennifer Tee and Elizabeth McAlpine'
The Edge/Friction Arts 'Inside Out Festival'
TUESDAY 27th Sept 2010
Trevor Pitt 'A Flock of Benches'
WEDNESDAY 29th Sept 2010
ARC 'Bawdyville'
THURSDAY 30th Sept 2010
Walsall Art Gallery 'Metropolis'
Yoke and Zoom at MOVEMENT 'Ultimate Painting'

Sing Silent Songs film

Watch a short film by Ben Rackstraw, of Life in Flashback, about Sing Silent Songs which includes interviews with David Miller (artist and curator) and Paul Newman (artist) HERE>>

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sing Silent Songs snaps

Matthew Krishanu's paintings:

Wendy Mayer's sculptures:

David Miller's cabinets:

Paul Newman's wall pieces:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Under Gods coming soon

Photographer Liz Hingley will be showing her amazing series of images, 'Under Gods' as taken on the infamous Soho Road in Brum, at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

As part of the project Liz and I got to play in the Wolverhampton's archives, and these are some of the things we found!

Then we went for a wonder down Soho Road and here are a couple of goodies we found there.

Keep checking this blog for updates on 'Under Gods' coming back soon to the West Midlands

TROVE presents Sing Silent Songs

Sing Silent Songs

Matt Krishanu, Wendy Mayer, David Miller and Paul Newman

PREVIEW: 23rd September 2010 6-9pm

Also open 25th, 26th Sept and 3rd, 4th October 2010 12 - 4 pm

Monday, 13 September 2010

A Rea Retrospective

The Rea Garden is an amazing exhibition space in Digbeth, Birmingham. Comprising of a triangle outdoor plot of land Behind Closed Doors have run a successful rolling programme of guest shows and residencies in this space for 3 years. TROVE even held a show there this time last year, Family Fun Day. To celebrate Behind Closed Doors are exhibiting a retrospective of activity in The Rea Garden at Solihull Art Complex. It is a great show, not just because a.a.s. and TROVE have a piece in it, but also because it provides an insight into the space, the work that has been shown there and also demonstrates the care and hard work Behind Closed Doors have put into the garden as well as the quality of shows that have taken place there. The retrospective is not because the space is closing, rather it is a celebration of what was and shows a potential for what it could become.

The official blurb goes like this:

The Rea Garden have been invited to hold an exhibition based on the project space at The Solihull Arts Complex. The exhibition will be part documentation part archive and visual history of the subtle and more pronounced changes of the space over the past 3 years. It is also a document of the creative process and the artwork, some of which has been re-situated in the gallery. The exhibition is a brief history of the site so far…….

Artists taking part in the exhibition -

Arlene Burnett, Paul Newman, Leon Trimble, Jamie Fowkes, Helen Grundy, Anne Guest, Project Pigeon, The Family, Hannah Hull, Claudia Borgna, Brigid Mc Leer and current artist in residence at The Rea Garden Graham Dunning.

It's on until the 9th October at The Solihull Arts Complex

Thursday, 9 September 2010

TROVE open submission

Have an idea for an exhibition or event that could take place at TROVE?

Email a short proposal and a CV to by 1st October 2010

Please note we are accepting proposals from non-visial art forms as well as curators, art groups and individual artists