Wednesday, 17 November 2010


TROVE and Museum of Lost Heritage (MoLH) are celebrating!

TROVE is one year old in The Old Science Museum and MoLH are ten years old.

To celebrate they have invited three original artists to collaborate with three young artists to celebrate the site of the former science museum and Elkington silver.

Ravi Deepres and Deborah Mingham
Alistair Grant and Caitlin Griffiths
Stuart Mugridge and Edward Wakefield.

Plus photo works by Michael Collins and Dave Ruffles, with thanks to Birmingham City Council


Preview: Friday 19th November 6-9pm
with performances throughout the evening

Open: 20th, 27th Nov & 3rd Dec 12-3pm
email for further information

TROVE, Newhall Square, 144 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1RZ

TROVE have now been exhibiting in The Old Science Museum for the past 12 months, with this, their twelfth show, TROVE have collaborated directly with the Museum of Lost Heritage (MoLH), the organization that documented the demolition and reconstruction of the site, Newhall Square, ten years ago when the museums contents was moved to Millennium Point. Three of the original artists have been teamed up by TROVE with three young up and coming artists; Ravi Deepres with Deborah Mingham, Alistair Grant with Caitlin Griffiths, and Stuart Mugridge with Edward Wakefield. As a result three new commissions have been made especially for this anniversary show, Glorious Rubble, taking place over the entire Newhall Square area. For the first time since MoLH’s initial activity ten years ago the Whitmore Warehouse will be open and home to Ravi and Deborah’s collaboration. The Box, a potential new space for art in the square, will be home to Caitlin and Alistair’s performance while Stuart and Edward will be utilizing the outdoor square itself.

In addition TROVE will be showing, in The Old Science Museum Engine Room, photographic works by Michael Collins and Dave Ruffles, both of whom have been on site over the past ten years and documented its various stages of regeneration (with thanks to Birmingham City Council’s archives).

This unique opportunity for TROVE and Newhall Square to open up all its sites, while continuing to recognize its heritage past and future potential as a place for the arts, has allowed TROVE and its audience to continue to grow, with the next twelve months possibilities being even bigger and brighter for this glorious rubble.

With thanks to: Museum of Lost Heritage, Neville Topping, Pete James, Birmingham City Council, Dave Woods, Kate Spence and Michael Levine

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