Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Popped round to The Neighbors for some tea and cake

New Birmingham curatorial duo The Neighborhood invited local arts organisations and enthusiasts to a introductory bake off. Here is TROVEs journey...

Monday we baked!
Tuesday morning we made a second lot of icing due to splitting buttercream made the night before for the snowball look.
Tuesday evening we travelled to Moor Street, drank lots of tea courtesy of the The Neighborhood while the judges (Loaf, Soul Food Project and Frost and Snow) tasted all the cakes.
Then we got to try them all too!
David eating some of our cake - he is amazed at how amazing it was!
munch munch - everyone liked our Snowball Rainbow cake
The winners of judges choice were More Canals Than Venice for a yummy choc and beetroot cake, as was Kino10 for yummy blueberry cakes and.......TROVE!!! Below is our judges choice award
We also won the Grand-Champ award too!

We left pleased and very full of some delicious cake

This cake was bought to you from the mind of Une Londonienne

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