Thursday, 16 December 2010

Au & Ag at TROVE - images

Au and Ag

TROVE’s December exhibition, in association with Brilliantly Birmingham, presents a series of works by Vicky Cull and Justine Moss.

Au & Ag consists of Cull looking at silver, of which her interest came from many sources. It is firstly a direct response to the site as TROVE was originally the worlds first silver plating factory, this along with the Jewellery Quarter’s history she has covered her work, and the gallery, in silver. The piece 5 Kilos of Silver Glitter is inspired by stories of the old jewellery factory floors being sold separately from the building due to the amount of precious metal dust in the floors that were then melted down and collected. The second part of Cull’s work looks particularly at silvers ‘noble’ connotations with queens, armoury, medals etc. and she uses similar shapes, lines of these metal items upon her vast work entitled D.I.A.N.A. and family.

While Moss works with the other precious metal from the exhibitions title, gold, something she has been exploring since her visit to Russia earlier this year. While on her visit Moss kept a diary noting down the evident opulence andgrandeur of the Russian palaces and the use of gold in both an oppressive and intimidating way. The Royal families of Russia making an obvious statement of their wealth through the perhaps overuse of the metal. For Au & Ag Moss has written part of her diary on a massive scale in 32½ carrot gold.

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