Friday, 4 February 2011

A day out in London

I went to the Susan Hiller at Tate Britain the other day and it was brilliant! She is one of those artists who, for many, has been a staple in your art life through your education, through your early professional career and now you get to see her retrospective at Tate Britain and it was exactly what I wanted it to be, and I want to go see it again.

I then popped into catch the Philippe Parreno at Serpentine and this was also brilliant! The films were shown one after the other in the different rooms, I like the movement around the space in the audience pack - and I especially liked the films. Tender, beautiful and subtle, and I liked the snow a lot. Pleased I caught it.

After which I took a stroll around Kensington Gardens to take in the Anish Kapoor's


  1. Looks like we may have been in London on the same day as you..Monday? I especially liked the Anish Kapoor works Turning the World Upside Down. Here are my photos.

  2. your pics are a bit better than mine, I was there on a very cold and cloudy Wednesday last week - but they are indeed beautiful!