Thursday, 31 March 2011

Aedas Presents: Matt Robinson

Here are some pictures from Matt Robinson's show for Aedas Presents...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fierce at TROVE

For March Fierce Festival were given a set of keys to the TROVE gallery and told - do what you like! And they did, and it was brilliant!

Fierce Archived

This was the launch of Fierce’s research activity, for this project Fierce have delved into their archives to offer audiences a glimpse of their history. From the festival’s inception in 1998, then known as Queerfest, through to the current day, this selection of leaflets, programmes and pamphlets is there to start as a catalyst for conversations and memories about the festival’s past and the archive’s potential future display.

Dominic Johnson's 'Departure (An Experiment in Human Salvage)'

Acclaimed performance artist Dominic Johnson premiered his new work Departure at TROVE on the 25th March, this piece was followed by a night of club performance entitled Human Salvage which was co-curated by Fierce and Johnson. Departure saw Johnson being tattooed live in TROVE with an array of other performances, and live film feed of the event being projected around the space in this new sensitive durational piece.

Dominic Johnson

Dickie Beau

Leo Hedman

The Famous Larren Barri Holstein

Sheila Ghelani's 'Covet Me Care For Me'

Finally at TROVE was Sheila Ghelani’s Covet Me Care For Me. This extremely beautiful performance-installation hints at nostalgia, death and kitsch objects. Ghelani invited you to choose a glass heart before smashing it, then a ritual wrapping of what was inside; Ghelani then asked you to take home its precious contents.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hannah Starkey - 29 Pictures

Hannah Starkey - 29 Pictures

15th January - 12th March 2011 at The Mead, Warwick Uni, Coventry

Images should tell a story, they are a lingering snippet of time, that leaves the viewer questioning, what has just happened? What is about to happen? Why are these people there? What are they doing? Is the composition set up? Why has it been set up that way?

Hannah Starkey uses actors in carefully chosen settings to create lingering pictures in time that raise all of these questions, in choosing women that are ‘ordinary’ and clothed, she is challenging the ‘raunchy aspect’ of how women are represented in everyday imagery. Her work, creates a counter aesthetic for representing women. As one of the most influential and significant photographers of her generation, she creates images that emerge from the split second of the everyday and are resolved into what appears to be an extended moment in time.

The actual label plus labels made as part of an educational event at the gallery - I can totally understand why this was the most popular image with the most new title labels.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Under Gods - install and preview





Monday, 14 March 2011

Studio Visit to see Anna M R Freeman

Last week I popped into Anna's studio in London to see how her work was coming on for Some Domestic Incidents - an exhibition of UK painters that Matt Price is taking over to Prague for this years Biennial with me assisting - and this is a little of what I saw...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pitt Rivers with Liz Hingley

As part of a research outing Liz and I went to the Pitt Rivers in Oxford - and this is some of what we saw...

...Liz with wind up torch, courtesy of the museum...


...oh, how I love a label...

...cabinet and drawers, we couldn't ask for more!