Wednesday, 6 April 2011

the geometry of the object being plated

the geometry of the object being plated
Alastair Levy and They Are Here

Preview: 15th April 2011 6-9pm

Including live performance by They Are Here 6-9pm

& screenings of videos by Helen Walker (of They Are Here) at 8.30pm

Hu, 2005 (2m 39s) / Ballet Practice, 2009 (2m 26s) / Parkesine, 2011 (approx 3mins)

Closing event: Sat 30th April 2011 7pm

Red Desert (1964) Michelangelo Antonioni (120mins)

Open: Fridays and Saturdays 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th April 2011 1-5pm

& by appointment, email for further information

TROVE, Newhall Square, 144 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1RZ

Donning metaphorical lab coats and overalls, Alastair Levy and collective-practice They Are Here will instigate a series of experiments and interventions inspired by the industrial, scientific and architectural legacy of the exhibition space: a former science and industry museum (1951 – 1997) and prior to that Elkington’s silver electroplating factory, the first of its kind in the world (built in 1838).

Inspired by notions of chemical reactions, manufacture and associative words: catalyst, conductive surface, the striking method, plating, gold, silver etc, the artists seek to explore how these ‘key words’ might become manifest in an artistic process that reacts to site and situation.

Significantly the opportunity to present work arose through a failed funding application that would have seen an alternative set of artists in-residence had it been successful. An attitude of expediency and rapid response has been pushed to the fore, necessitated by the development of ideas and work that began only thirteen days before the scheduled opening. This limited window of opportunity resonates with future of the site itself, scheduled to be converted into an office unit later this summer. This context has been embraced as a creative challenge to making work - hopefully encapsulating the spirit of efficiency and elegance of Victorian engineering.

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