Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Infinite Combinatorium; Part 0.

Crowd 6 present

The Infinite Combinatorium; Part 0.
Mary Yacoob

Preview: 6th May 2011 6-8pm

Open: 7th to 27th May 2011 by appointment
Email or for further information

TROVE, Newhall Square,
144 Newhall Street,
B3 1RZ

Create a more efficient way of doing things. This simple mantra has driven the advance of culture for millennia.

Better tools, smarter thinking, maximum output from smallest effort. With each new iteration of efficiency, a little more about the universe we live in is revealed. We move closer to a realization that a formula exists. There is a system. The system is perfect. The problem is not the system, the problem is purpose. The suspicion arises that the journey toward purpose will not be efficient. It will be messy. It will be the work not of the scientists, but of the combinatorialists.

Pattern will fail. Hypothesis will end. The Infinite Combinatorium has begun.

Mary Yacoob has produced 3 new bodies of work for the Infinite Combinatorium; Part 0.

In her ‘Doodle’ drawings, the artist repeatedly draws a letter of the alphabet or a number whilst she listens to the radio, mapping the changes in sound, voice, and music with changes to direction, size and colour of the unit. A site specific drawing responds to the time of installation, the voices in the gallery space, and changes to music being played. The process altered a previous the artwork, a large Tipp-Ex rectangle created by Alastair Levy.

In ‘Research for Trove’, the artist has enlarged a photograph of the site as many times as it takes for the image to disappear. The largest white area on each photocopied image describing the magnitude of enlargement.

Her ‘Draft’ drawings are inspired by the technical diagrams in mechanical and electrical engineering textbooks, and relate to the site’s previous history as a science museum.

The ‘Proposition for Trove’ drawings are proposals for large scale installations for the site. Drawing on top of photographs sent to her by the Gallery Director, Yacoob has generated ideas for 3d installations. For example, in one drawing colour lines are matched up to different tonal values in the photocopied image.

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  1. I like the use of warped history, I don't know how best to describe it, but I like it. The use of repetition with slight adjustments continuously creates something new, with a constant reference to the past.