Thursday, 5 May 2011

May at TROVE

My very first independently curated exhibition was called Step and it was at Birmingham based art collective, Crowd 6's gallery in Bearwood held during January-February 2008. I am now extremely pleased therefore to say that for May TROVE have handed the keys over to Crowd 6.

As with Step - a group show made up of three single pieces shown individually for a week for a period of three weeks - Crowd 6 present the first part of a series of exhibitions. This first part, The Infinite Combinatorium; Part 0., sees Crowd 6 inviting London based artist Mary Yacoob into the space. Mary has made all new works for this show, every single piece taking into account TROVE's site history (the old science museum) and just the fabric of the building itself. Mary has also made a piece on site, using Alastair Levy's tip-ex wall painting from the previous exhibition at TROVE, as her frame. The multi-coloured line drawing relates to the songs played on my laptop whilst installing, changing in size according to verse speed and changing colour depending on if someone was talking when the song changed. It is really beautiful.

The Infinite Combinatorium; Part 0. opens this Friday, 6th May, 6-8pm and then by appointment until 27th May 2011. email Crowd 6 to book

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