Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Anticurate at mac

Anticurate at mac is a project I am involved in with Birmingham based curator/artist Trevor Pitt. If you think you could be a curator without any arts background - you can!! more details below.

anticurate - the anticurators


anticurate is imagined as mac birmingham’s version of an open exhibition, offering a genuinely open opportunity through a democratic and collective approach to exhibition curating. Testing the conventions and authority of the visual art space, artist Trevor Pitt in association with mac birmingham presents anticurate as a challenge to the authorial figure of the curator.

What does the word curate mean to you? During the course of anticurate, we want to explore and question the notion of curating, and the hierarchies that are normally attached to the process.


Each week we’ll see a different exhibition of artwork selected by anticurators. Our anticurator groups include young people from Project Platform and Ikon Youth programme, a group of older people from Young at Heart, members of the Extra Special People professional development programme at Eastside Projects and a selection of mac birmingham staff. The anticurators will create their exhibitions from works submitted on the anticurate Open Day, Sat 9 Jul, 11am – 6pm.

Would you like to be our 5th anticurator?

You could apply as a collective or as an individual. You need to be available on Sat 9 July and between Mon 29 Aug – Sun 4 Sep to curate the fifth exhibition in the series. Applying is easy, simply tell us why you want to be an anticurator in 100 words or less and include 50 words telling us a little bit about yourself.

Email applications to or write to anticurate, mac birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH.

Deadline for applications Fri 17 June.

A project devised by Trevor Pitt in association with mac birmingham.

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