Monday, 11 July 2011

anticurate submission saturday

anticurate at mac (midlands art centre, Birmingham) is a project by Trevor Pitt

It is Trevor's take on the Summer Open - Trevor has invited 5 'anticurators' to present 5 curated shows at mac this summer, the work selected from the pieces submitted for the mac's Open. The groups include:
  • Young at Heart
  • mac staff (not involved in the gallery)
  • young people from Project Platform and Ikon Youths
  • members of Eastside Project's Extra Special People
  • and finally the girls of No Aloha as selected to be the fifth anticurator from an open submission.
The final week of the 6 week show will then show all of the works that may not have been selected by the previous anticurators - so all work submitted will be exhibited at mac as part of the anticurate project.

And Saturday just gone was the first of two submission days (THE SECOND IS THIS WEDNESDAY 13TH BETWEEN 4-8PM!!!)

And here is the submission process...

Artists first approached the anticurate kiosk as designed by Juneau Projects (who have also designed the look of the gallery for the open shows)...

...forms filled artist register their works formally at mac...

..the they have the choice of being filmed with their pieces, before popping by and meeting some of the anticurators... is No Aloha...

...the Ikon Youths group speaking to a submitting artist...

...and here is Young at Heart - who I had the pleasure of accompanying throughout the day.

Next the artists took their work to be stored ready for the anticurators to select from...

...and then home, after a brilliantly diverse day!

*all photographs courtesy of Joey Vivo

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