Friday, 1 July 2011

Cent magazine launch at Minnie Weisz Studio

.Cent magazine invited Minnie Weisz to be their last editor for their printed publication, though .Cent will continue - it will be online rather than an actual printed publication.

This is a bit more info about .Cent
…opens the door to a new arena in lifestyle publishing
…covers art, music, fashion, design, architecture, literature and more
…is uniquely penned by creatives, rather than journalists
…celebrates originality, ingenuity and inventiveness
…has a different theme for each issue, picked by a guest editor
…bases all content around the issue's chosen theme
…gives a personal insight into the guest editor's creative life
…commissions articles and art from renowned creative names and up-coming talent
…commissions pieces from people the guest editor knows and admires
…provide an open platform for intelligent, yet accessible, debate
…calls this form of publishing, 'circlical publishing'

And here are some snaps from the launch party at Minnie's studio

Some of Minnie's own photographs...

And the amazing Jeremy Reed came and read some of his latest poems at the launch...

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