Friday, 5 August 2011

My bespoke ring

I recently turned 30, and my boyfriend got me the most fantastic present - Magnus and Bella are making me a bespoke piece of jewellery!

After a consultation meeting with them where we talked about what I like, what inspires me, what means the most to me etc, and after I got an amazing tour of their workshop and got to try on all their other jewellery pieces - we finalisedwith the idea of a silver songbird statement ring.

Why? I love the image of birds, and my boyfriend wouldhave asked Magnus and Bella to make me a bird ring. The songbird because that's what I am - artist Caitlin Griffiths, for an exhibition curated by me entitled Menagerie of Birds in 2009, made four drawings of birds based on me, and the two gallery owners answers to a questionnaire 'What Bird would you be?' - and I was the songbird. The fourth image was of Caitlin as a Cuckoo. (I am also the proud owner of Caitlin's 'Songbird' illustration) And a ring - because I have always wanted an everyday statement ring!

Caitlin Griffiths at Menagerie of Birds

And this is what Bella drew on our initial meeting...

A couple of weeks later I got these in an email...

...with the final design for approval being this beautiful drawing! >

So excited I sent an email reply along the lines of 'PERFECT!' and a week or so later I met up with the lovely Bella who presented me with the first of three mock-ups before the final ring and here it is >

I love it! it just needs shrinking slightly and I can try on mock-up 2, then one more, then my ring! Watch this space for updates.

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