Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Places I have been...

...things I have seen this July.

New Art Gallery Walsall's summer shows, Mark Titchner and...

...Leo Fitzmaurice.

The Serpentine Pavilion 2011 by Peter Zumthor and...

..the gallery show by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

'Adventures in the Valley' by David Campany and Polly Braden at Minnie Weisz Studio

A gorgeous wedding where you got to keep the ceramics on the tables!

My first Pecha Kucha event in Coventry! I talked through 20 TROVE moments.

A sneak peek at the anticurate install at mac!

At Ikon Gallery the brill Atsuko Tanaka

Then to Lombard Method for latest resident Angus Wolf.

New graffiti duck's around Digbeth on street names.

Amazing book shop in Coventry!

And finally to Lyme Park in the Peak District - I like the reflective pond.


  1. Great picture of the reflective lake. Wonder if they do anything to keep it reflective. Wish I'd been to the Serpentine!

  2. I got told off for taking the serpentine picture! you would have liked the show - maybe go next week?

  3. I'll go and see the Tanaka show before Friday evening :)