Sunday, 7 August 2011

Throw the Switches

Throw the Switches at TROVE for August 2010 was a fabulous mix of performance, film and talks by Darrell Buxton.

And the programme ran like this...

Throw the Switches launch

Kate Spence 'Human Puppet'

'Blood Monster' film by Kate Spence that was on for all three days

'Blood Fountain' by Kate Spence, also on for the three days

First of three talks by the amazing Darrell Buxton about James Whale and his Frankenstein

Frankenstein feature, 1931


'Frankenstein 2099' by Richard Peel, performed by Richard and George Marchant

Painting of Frankenstein's Monster by Paul Oz, loaned to us by McDermott Galleries

2nd Darrel talk about The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein, feature film

Darren Banks' film 'Interiors'

Anne Guest's film 'I am not myself'

Original 1910 film of Frankenstein

Final talk by Darrell about The Invisible Man James Whale

The Invisible Man feature.

The End.

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