Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bharti Parmar studio visit

Bharti Parmar is an incredible Birmingham artists who I am working with toward an exhibition at Aedas Presents next year.  Today I popped by her studio for an update and I was amazed by what I saw.  For part of the exhibition Bharti is making a 6m squared rug - out of human hair!

Some gorgeous European hair samples - these were pieces in their own right, soft and the most exquisite variation of colours from blondes through to reds.  

 Bharti showing me how to make a rug out of hair -
 this is a very specialised technique used in wig making 

Here is a little film of Bharti in action

Here is the rug as it looks at the moment hung up - Bharti is brushing it in this pic

And here is another project Bharti is working on, making an acorn shaped charm ouf of woven hair

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