Monday, 3 October 2011

Beyond, Beyond, Totally Beyond, Perfectly Beyond

Matthew Robinson's latest exhibition opened tonight at Solihull Arts Complex.  It was the end of a residency he undertook throughout the summer with two schools in Solihull, and the results are great.  I love his large cement sculptures and think it would be great if they could have a life after the show - must get on trying to sort that out!  

Here is the background story written by Ed Wakefield to accompany the show and its sculptural characters and some pictures from the show.

The show is about a boy called Ray Burberry.

Ray Burberry was born as a rubbery shape. His parents wanted to be rubbery too. They stepped inside Professor Rubrick’s rube molecule re-rubberiser and became rapidly rubberised. The downside? They could only move extremely slowly. It’s taken them sixty years to reach their little rubber boy. If you look really closely, really really closely, you can see them move. Just.

Untill Saturday the 19th of November

Solihull Arts Complex

Documentation of Matt making the sculptures

Some drawings from his school workshops.

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