Friday, 28 October 2011

More of The Event

It is hard when you are involved in a festival like The Event to go out and see it - so instead I sent a couple of the Troveketeers (otherwise known as my fabulous TROVE gallery assistants) and this is what they thought...

Alan Curralls work, he had a selection of 4 single channel video works produced between 1995 and 2004. This was my favourite work at this show. Witty, engaging and honest.A very intimate feel.

This image (below) is a piece of film called CGI by Giuseppe Mistretta. It showed the managing committee of David Dale Gallery & Studios making non sensical noises to communicate, pasting, rolling up and eating post it notes and other childlike, playfull, animalistic ramblings. This is what it says in the blurb ' Mistretta is attracted to the sounds of words that don't make sense, the look of the moon in the daytime and the similarities between humans and animals'. This was my second favourite piece ( a very close second). Very amusing.

While Sophie Bancroft went to Ego (de)construct at Minerva Works and Eastside Projects - check out what she thought on her blog here...

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