Saturday, 29 October 2011

Non obsolescence - launch

Non obsolescence

Curated by Charlie Levine, TROVE
in association with Hereford Photography Festval

Photographic techniques have rapidly changed within the last century; the immediacy of the digital plus its accessibility to the everyman has made everyone  ‘photographer.’

But what about the essence of ‘catching/recording light’?

Camera obscura’s by Minnie Weisz, collodion wet plate techniques by Jo Gane, film and chemical printing by Matthew Andrew; these formats changed the world, revolutionized documentation and altered our perceptions of life and truth. These artists represent how our views of the world changed, and these artists represent a reason why the everyman photographer should ‘go home.’

TROVE plan chest

TROVEs latest plan chest exhibition highlights original photographic technologies and emphasizes the fact that these techniques will not disappear with the ever-growing popularity of the digital; rather it archives and remembers them.

These authentic photographic methods are currently being used by contemporary artists and include collodion, camera obscura, film and chemical photography, cyanotypes and stereogram’s. 

 Charlie Levine
 Craig Marchington
 Minnie Weisz
(image removed)
Finally Jaime Jackson did another outdoor projection using clips from Departures Arrivals - his piece from the launch of Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture - this time with Dan Brown

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