Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The TROVE December 2011 exhibition has been curated by Elly Clarke/Clarke Gallery, Berlin.
And here is the info...

W U N D E R K A M M E R  at TROVE, Birmingham
Opening: Thursday 8th December 2011, 6pm-8.30pm
With A Slide Show by… Andy Field at 6.30pm

12 months on from its last presentation at Franklin Furnace in New York, Clarke Gallery is honoured to unpack the contents of WUNDERKAMMER once again, this time at TROVE in Birmingham, UK.

Translating as Cabinet of Curiosities, WUNDERKAMMER is a travelling show of sixteen small works by artists from Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA that grows and changes as it goes.  Incorporating sculpture, photography, painting, (a new) ‘smart phone-dependent art’ (piece by Daniel Sailsbury) and a live presentation of "A Slide Show by... Andy Field” on the opening night, this is the forth stop WUNDERKAMMER has made. Starting out at Clarke Gallery in Berlin the exhibition then travelled to Eastern Edge in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada and Franklin Furnace in New York. For this presentation at TROVE, works by two additional artists are introduced: New York-based Columbian artist Juan Bethancurth (who I met during the last exhibition in NYC) and British Birmingham based artist Daniel Sailsbury.

Works were selected that not only would fit within the confines of a hand-luggage size Wunderkammer but which also referenced story telling, dealt with the idea of the archive or that were traces of or ephemera from an event or a larger piece. The text for the type-written labels was provided by each artist.

WUNDERKAMMER is the first Clarke Gallery exhibition to have travelled beyond the confines of my Berlin apartment, where Clarke Gallery started up. After two years of hosting exhibitions in my space (involving, at different times, sculpture in my bed, performance in my bathroom, video installation in the kitchen, slide shows in my living room; art objects nestling amongst my personal things) – it felt right to branch out and bring the mobility that we as individuals today enjoy, to the gallery. Now, having lived in Birmingham for a year and with plans to find a more permanent setting for Clarke Gallery in the West Midlands, it is a great honour to bring this suitcase of work to TROVE. And also, for the first time, for the exhibition to have so much space to breathe. As well as to be able to remain there for a few weeks.

Artists of WUNDERKAMMER in Birmingham are: Juan Bethancurth, Jessica Brouder, Elly Clarke, Julian Eicke, Liz Fletcher, Alexander Heaton, Sophia New and Dan Belasco / plan b, Terry Piercey, Daniel Sailsbury, Christian Sievers, Vajra Spook, Anna-Myga Kasten, E. Louise Wachler, Kym Ward and Andrea Winkler.

All work is for sale. Sales will make room for new work to be accommodated by artists from each place visited and, crucially, help fund its ongoing journey.

For further updates on WUNDERKAMMER and other Clarke Gallery activities, please sign up to the Clarke Gallery mailing list and check out the website for photos. You can also find us on Facebook. Next exhibition is The Mobility Project, which is showing at The Meter Room in Coventry, opening 19th January 2012. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Their Wonderlands

Earlier this year TROVE opened its doors to art duo, They Are Here.  Now, mac birmingham has done the same, and they have curated the amazing The Wonderlands.  I have curatorial jealousy with this show, its brilliant, and the couple of nods towards TROVE are lovely - these include the use of torches and an amazingly beautiful silver plated cobweb, this is a replica of one Elkington once made - TROVE is situated in the original Elkington Metal Plating Factory in the world.

Here's the blurb -> 

Their Wonderlands is an international group exhibition, curated by multi-disciplinary collective They Are Here. Contemporary artists have been drawn together to explore the space given to make-believe and folklore in post-industrial 21st century European society.  While the journeys that have led to the creation of these works may be personal or autobiographical in tone, they often evoke fairytales, children's literature and the surreal worlds of Studio Ghibli's animations.  Inspired by the essay In Praise of Shadows (1933) by Japanese writer Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, the exhibition exists in darkness. You will be invited to select a torch on entry to discover works embedded in a cardboard labyrinth, designed by renowned and seminal architect Yona Friedman.

Exhibiting artists: Alice Anderson, Ayo & Oni Oshodi, Blanch & Shock, Caleb Morrison, Edward Wakefield, Catherine Hyland, C├ęcile Azoulay, Corinne Felgate, Eloise Fornieles, Emma Hart, Emma Rendel, Helen Walker, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Kate Rowles, Mathew Sawyer, Melanie Wilson, Michael Allen & Daniel Schwitzer, Reka Reisinger, Susanne Ludwig, They Are Here and Yona Friedman.

The show was accompanied by some great performances on the launch night, including Edward Wakefield, who put on his Captain Ed hat and performed throughout the evening.

And Blanch & Shock served bits of food on toothbrushes. 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Second star to the right - in pictures

Second star to the right
November 2011, TROVE

 Space, the Cosmos, the Universe: never ending, an unlimited source of ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

Thirteen recent graduates and current MA students have individually interpreted the concept and explored it through a variety of mediums.
Alongside the work of these emerging artists is a performance by Richard Peel, following an adventure through space.

Second Star to the Right is the first curatorial expedition made by TROVE’s Gallery Assistants: Sophie Bancroft, Daniel Salisbury and Kate Spence. 

Matt Webb SP CE 2011 Printed media. 
Sophie Bancroft Dream of what will always be above you, of what will always be around you 2011 Sculptural painting.

Benedict Davenport Untitled & Untitled 2011 Pencil drawings on paper.

Hannah Humphreys Untitled 2011 Mixed media.
Daniel Salisbury Dust (From the “When I Was Younger...” series) 2011 Screen print, pva glue, dust of the Old Science Museum.

Hannah Kershaw We Made the Stars 2011 Sewing-thread drawing.
Kate Spence Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? 2011 Film, audio (vocals provided by Luca Jebeleanu) & the remnants of a spell.
Bronia Sawyer Untitled 2011 Mixed media installation.

Ryan Hughes Marking the internet and the physical 2010 Six Perspex sculptures, six books and map.

Dane Worrallo Makeshift Sputnik 2011 Rubber ball, foil, TV aerials and card. 
Rachel Blake Butler More in Heaven than Earth 2011 Mixed media.

Polly Saunders Cosmonaut 2011 Charcoal on paper.
Michael Clulee Untitled 2011 Acrylic on canvas.

For the launch the artists were joined by the amazing Richard Peel!

Richard Peel Kkhh 2011 Live performance with audio.
The alien, Kkhh, will beam the audience into space for an exciting, immersive and educational adventure through space. Richard Peel uses state-of-the-art performance technology to conjure forth all the marvels of the void.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Second star to the right - install

'Second star to the right' opens this Friday at TROVE. It is a group show of recent fine art grads and MA students located in Brum.  And here are a few sneak peek install shots.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Painting is a Painting is a Painting

Today I popped to Initial Access in Wolverhampton to have a little peek into their stores/collection (sadly no pics) and to check out their new show, Painting is a Painting is a Painting.  This is a painting show selected from Frank Cohen's collection by Nicolai Frahm and Samuel Leuenberger.

Painter 1 - Rashid Johnson
'Black Music' 
'Souls of Black Folk'

Painter 2 - Dirk Skreber
'It Rocks Us So Hard Ho Ho Ho 5' 
 'o.T. (Agnes)'

Painter 3 - and by far my favourite - John M Armleder
'Untitled' with me and a Skreber painting in the reflection 

'Convallaria Majalis'

 'Tactylis Glomerata' DETAIL

'Fomes Fomentarius' DETAIL

Monday, 21 November 2011

Crunch at Hay on Wye

This weekend I was in Hay on Wye at Crunch - an art and philosophy festival.
 And this is a little of what I saw.

The genuine excitement of seeing Susan Hiller and Hans Ulrich Obrist   in conversation, both massive inspirations for me.

Nina Mankin

Darren Harvey-Regan

These are a couple of the artists showing at Hay whose names weren't with the work, if you know them - let me know!

The Egg

An amazing book binders in Hay town 
  A couple of book shops...

Benjamin James Dixie - part of Hereford Photography Festival

Friday, 18 November 2011

Small Print

Currently on at mac birmingham is a little exhibition entitled Small Print: Big Impression - and here are some pics of the prints on show in the downstairs gallery.  Obviously the bird prints were my favourites.