Sunday, 27 November 2011

Second star to the right - in pictures

Second star to the right
November 2011, TROVE

 Space, the Cosmos, the Universe: never ending, an unlimited source of ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

Thirteen recent graduates and current MA students have individually interpreted the concept and explored it through a variety of mediums.
Alongside the work of these emerging artists is a performance by Richard Peel, following an adventure through space.

Second Star to the Right is the first curatorial expedition made by TROVE’s Gallery Assistants: Sophie Bancroft, Daniel Salisbury and Kate Spence. 

Matt Webb SP CE 2011 Printed media. 
Sophie Bancroft Dream of what will always be above you, of what will always be around you 2011 Sculptural painting.

Benedict Davenport Untitled & Untitled 2011 Pencil drawings on paper.

Hannah Humphreys Untitled 2011 Mixed media.
Daniel Salisbury Dust (From the “When I Was Younger...” series) 2011 Screen print, pva glue, dust of the Old Science Museum.

Hannah Kershaw We Made the Stars 2011 Sewing-thread drawing.
Kate Spence Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? 2011 Film, audio (vocals provided by Luca Jebeleanu) & the remnants of a spell.
Bronia Sawyer Untitled 2011 Mixed media installation.

Ryan Hughes Marking the internet and the physical 2010 Six Perspex sculptures, six books and map.

Dane Worrallo Makeshift Sputnik 2011 Rubber ball, foil, TV aerials and card. 
Rachel Blake Butler More in Heaven than Earth 2011 Mixed media.

Polly Saunders Cosmonaut 2011 Charcoal on paper.
Michael Clulee Untitled 2011 Acrylic on canvas.

For the launch the artists were joined by the amazing Richard Peel!

Richard Peel Kkhh 2011 Live performance with audio.
The alien, Kkhh, will beam the audience into space for an exciting, immersive and educational adventure through space. Richard Peel uses state-of-the-art performance technology to conjure forth all the marvels of the void.

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