Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Culture Show at Curzon Street

The first of the two TROVE exhibitions in October 2011 was Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture.  This show was co-curtaed with Minnie Weis Studio (MWS) and BBC's The Culture Show came and filmed it for part of a story on Birmingham's art scene which aired in October 2011. 

Here are some pics of them filming on site and below is a pic of the DVDs I just received off them and then there is a clip from BBC's The Culture Show featuring TROVE and MWS's 'Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture' group exhibition at Curzon Street Station, Birmingham.

courtesy of BBC and The Culture Show.


  1. Good for Brum! Kinda what I've thought for years - it's all here already, just flying under everyones sensory radar... like a ninja elephant

  2. Well done on the Culture Show bit. Your Curzon show for me was one of the highlights of the Event. Nice.

  3. thanks Untitled - we were really pleased with how the exhibition turned out and what a pleasure to show in Curzon Street Station! and the bit on the culture show wasn't bad either...