Thursday, 8 December 2011


Jessica Brouder
Neck hole, 2009 / Black bin bag. Series of 15 

Andrea Winkler
Everything that I've done today, 2010 / Feather boa, wool, bells, jewelry, button, paper, confetti 

Alexander Heaton
Bird Wolpertinger, 2010 / Oil on Linen, 35x35cm 

Juan Bethancurth
Untitled, 2010 / Spoon and hair 

Liz Fletcher
Self Portrait, 2009 / Chewed chewing gum, black paint, silver 

Julian Eicke 
Norne. 2010 / 2 piece suit worn by Elly Clarke at Wunderkammer opening in Berlin on April 22nd, 2010 / Black and white photograph, 7” x 5” 

Vajra Spook
Asymmetrical Warfare (Cups), 2008, c-print 

Kym Ward
Ephemera (bar of soap) from performance Die Scheiss Ideologie deiner Nation at Clarke Gallery, 2010 

Anna-Myga Kasten
Untitled, 2010 / Rubber, foam, pins 

Terry Piercey
Prepared Music Box, 2007 

Christian Sievers 
Futurologic Tie, 2009 / Scotchlite TM 

Sophia New and Dan Belasco / plan b
Three year Drawings, Wrangelkiez & Taborstrasse 14A, Berlin, 2007-2009 / Ink jet on acid free rag paper 

E Louise Wachler
"24 variations" #7, 2010, Ultrachrome print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, 6x12

Daniel Sailsbury
Jealous?, 2011 

Sparrow + Castice
Mulled Wine, 2011 / Dissolvable mulled wine sweets and performance

Elly Clarke
Slide show by… Andy Field  / Forth in series of live slide shows of 51 slides by Elly Clarke. 

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