Monday, 16 January 2012

Bharti Parmar rug update

A few months ago I invited Bharti Parmar to exhibit at Aedas Presents in 2012.  She came to the venue with plenty of ideas, one of them was to make a 5ftx5ft rug made from human hair.  In September last year I made a first visit to Bharti's studio to see how she was getting on with the rug and the techniques she had been learning, see previous blog post HERE.

Bharti was just getting to grips with techniques found in wig making, since then she has become quite the master in it! The rug is growing nicely and here are some images of its progress.  There is also a short video clip of Bharti in action, this is part of a longer film piece that will be on show at her exhibition in May 2012.

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