Saturday, 14 January 2012

TROVE at mac birmingham

TROVE at mac birmingham 28th January 2012 - 9th September 2012

TROVE is an independent contemporary art gallery.  Located, since October 2009, in the Engine Room of the old Birmingham Science and Industry Museum in the Jewellery Quarter, they have also exhibited in other heritage sites around the city.  TROVE has worked with over 100 artists at various stages of their careers in a varied programme, which consists of monthly changing exhibitions and events.  TROVE offers unique solo show opportunities to early career artists as well as produces group shows often using objects, collections, multiples, creating curiosity cabinets and touring exhibitions around the UK in plan chests. Since TROVE opened over two years ago they have been partnered by various national festivals and galleries including from Birmingham: mac birmingham, Fierce Festival, Birmingham Architects Association, Birmingham City Council; and nationally Hereford Photography Festival and Minnie Weisz Studio, London.
For ALLOTMENT, TROVE is producing a series of in house designed cabinets.   The first, designed by Sophie Bancroft, will contain a series of curious objects, the collection of which will expand throughout the project and spread onto additional cabinets, one of which will appear every 8-week cycle throughout the 9-month project.  Artists included in the first curiosity cabinet are Anna Francis, Matthew Robinson and Milk, Two Sugars.

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