Sunday, 19 February 2012

ALLOTMENT - half way through 1st phase

It is officially half way through ALLOTMENT's first plot cycle at mac birmingham.  Plot #1 TROVE, Plot #2 Dan Auluk, Plot #3 Moonbeams and #4 Clarke Gallery are now all up! And a lot has happened in the first four weeks...

The TROVE plot has had a lot of action, Milk, Two Sugars' cups keep moving...once stacked tall they now move across the plot floor, every visit they're in a different arrangement...

Dan Auluk's blind drawing piece, done live on his opening Saturday, is now accompanied by the sound piece he drew to (the journey to mac from his home, blindfolded Dan was lead by his partner and the sound-piece is their conversation and navigation to mac.)

The Moonbeams plot has its first TV of three installed.  The first phase of ALLOTMENT Moonbeams are introducing their practice by showing three films made of previous workshops etc.  

The half way plot, Clarke Gallery, opened yesterday.  It's aim, to discover a potential art market in Birmingham with only one piece of work being shown at a time, changing only when the one up is bought, the next then selected by the buyer.  The first work, by Alana Richards, is for sale for £165 - quite the bargain! Email Elly Clarke for more details.

The Clarke Gallery saturday - here's Elly in the Shed.

And Elly was visited by Dan (Plot Holder #2), his partner Jaime, artist Anne Guest and me (not pictured)

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