Monday, 27 February 2012

mac staff ALLOTMENT

Saturday saw the 5th Plot launched for ALLOTMENT by mac staff.  
Artists: Emma Little and Tessa J Stevens.
Below is their blurb on the project and pictures from their day in their 70s inspired make over on the Shed.  Tessa's drawing of the Shed was available to colour in as well as a small art library.

Artists Emma Little and Tessa J. Stevens present an on-going record of their conversations about Utopian architecture.
It was whilst exploring the many hidden nooks and crannies of the soon to be demolished Birmingham Central Library, that the artists pondered its Brutalist design and began discussing what their own Utopian libraries would look like.
For this project Emma and Tessa will be posting each other designs and musings, alternately responding to one another’s ideas, they will slowly build up a collective of plans which will be displayed in their allotment space.
Alongside this display, the artists have also recreated a library from 1974 (the opening year of the Central Library) in the allotment shed, where visitors are welcome to sit and delve into the selection of books.
This project is dedicated to the architect John Madin who recently passed away. Madin was born in Moseley and contributed many designs to Birmingham’s post-war landscape, including Birmingham Central Library.

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